Why Getem Pest Control?

When you call Getem Services, you’re choosing a locally, family-owned and operated pest extermination company that is located in the Hampton Roads area. Our offices also service all surrounding cities of the Tidewater, such as, Norfolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth. Why is that important? In addition to our commitment to personal attention and knowledge of the Tidewater Region, we have some crucial advantages over the big guys:

  • We’re parents – we worry about our kids just like you do.
  • We’re pet owners – we would never do anything to harm your dog or your cat.
  • We love the environment and are constantly seeking greener products.
  • We understand that some of you take care of elderly parents or special needs children.  We can help.
  • We live here.  We’re your neighbors.
  • We work hard and play hard. We’re just like YOU.

And finally, we’ve been in business since 1922.  We didn’t stay in business this long by not doing what we say we will.  We want you to be happy.

Family owned & operated since 1922 (Owner available onsite).

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