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Kick Termites to the Curb!

Left unchecked, termites can cause expensive damage to the structures in your home. Get an infestation under control quickly, and keep termites away with the most reliable termite control services in Hampton. 

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Termite Control in Hampton

At Getem Services, our team has 95 years of experience in pest control, giving us expert insight into detecting and eliminating active termite infestations in your home. Our highly trained Hampton exterminators focus on stopping existing colonies and preventing future infestations, guarding your home for years to come.

Timely Inspections Prevent Costly Damage

Termites are notorious for staying under the radar. Once inside the wooden structures of your home, they move silently – racking up hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages before you even know they’re there!

Our Hampton termite control specialists are experts at detecting the subtle signs of termite damage or activity that you might not be able to spot. We begin with a detailed inspection of your home, looking for signs of termite presence, including:

  • Mud tubes present through your home’s foundation
  • Peeling or hollowness of wooden structures in your home
  • Swarmers or discarded wings

If we spot potential termite activity, our team will customize a treatment program to eradicate your infestation quickly and efficiently, and keep it gone!

Long-Term Solutions, Fast!

When termites are tunneling through the structures of your home, time is of the essence. It’s not enough to get an infestation under control and hope for the best.

Effective termite control requires a two-fold approach: controlling current infestations and preventing a resurgence. That’s why Getem Services has made preventative measures a crucial part of our termite control services in Hampton.

We rely on highly-effective liquid Termidor to ensure that termites don’t return and cause further damage to your home. Our treatments are guaranteed for ten years, with yearly inspection.

Concerned that termites are eating away at your home?

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Concerned that termites are eating away at your home?

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