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Start Protecting Your Home From Termites

Termites can cause hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in damage before you realize you have an infestation in your home. Our termite control services in Suffolk help you kick these destructive pests to the curb.

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Termite Control in Suffolk

When you become a homeowner, you inherit a lot of responsibility and upkeep! All the time and money you put into your home makes it a comfortable place to spend time, raise children or host friends and family, and make all sorts of memories. 

With so much happening in your home everyday, it's easy to take an out of sight, out of mind approach to pests. Unfortunately, if you're not doing something to protect your home against termite damage, you could be putting your greatest investment at risk. 

There are three main types of termites that can put your home at risk in Virginia, and each year these pests cause an estimated $5 billion in damage across the United States. The Hampton Roads area of Virginia is a particularly high activity zone for termites. That's why at Getem Services, our termite treatment program was designed to eliminate your termite problem at the source – getting rid of termites around your home and putting your mind at ease. 

Our highly trained experts will inspect areas underneath and around your home looking for hidden signs of termite activity that you may not notice, including:

  • Discarded wings
  • Swarmers around doors and windows
  • Mud tubes in the foundation of your home
  • Damaged wood in your crawlspace

Our termite control services include thorough inspection to detect termite activity on your property, application of highly effective liquid Termidor treatments, and long-term protection against future infestations with regular inspections. 

Responsible Treatment With Your Family In Mind

For over 95 years, Getem Services has been helping homeowners in Suffolk treat their homes for termites. In that time, we've honed our treatments to be the most effective while reducing risk factors that might impact your family, pets, or property. Our goal is to eliminate termite colonies on your property and use preventive measures to keep them gone for good – but our top priority is making sure your family is safe every step of the way. 

Our chemical applications are EPA-approved and highly tested, and our skilled termite exterminators in Suffolk apply them carefully in the cracks and crevices of your home where curious pets and children can't reach. 

Local, Quality Care You Can Trust

A termite colony can mean thousands of termites tunneling through the structure of your home, causing damage that isn't always visible. Don't let termites chew up your peace of mind as well! 

Getem Services provides termite control that can put your termite-related worries to rest. Our technicians are more than just termite experts – they're your neighbors! We vow to treat your home with the same care we'd give our own. Our expert exterminators in Suffolk will eliminate your termite infestation and help you keep them gone for years to come, so you can go back to making happy memories in your home. 

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