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Protect Your Crawl Space From Moisture

Without the proper protection in place, the warm, humid weather of Hampton Roads can take a toll on your home. When moisture gets trapped underneath your home it can weaken your infrastructure and invite wood-destroying pests, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

Take a preventative step to safeguard your home against dangerous fungi, musty odors, and other moisture problems with moisture control services from Getem Services!

Moisture Control in Virginia

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Getem Services offers custom moisture control, crawl space conditioning, and insulation services based on what your home needs.

Our highly-trained professionals start with a free crawl space inspection to determine if trapped moisture and poor ventilation might be promoting the growth of mold and fungi or creating a hospitable environment for termites.

Our moisture control services include:

  • Installation of moisture barriers
  • Removal and replacement of insulation
  • Installation of dehumidifiers and crawl space conditioning
  • Flood remediation
  • Access door and vents replacement

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Protect Your Biggest Investment With Preventative Treatments

The wood and foundation of your home can absorb built-up moisture, breaking down wood fibers and leading to rot. Excess moisture and poor ventilation can also attract termites and other wood-destroying insects, as well as introduce dangerous molds and mildews into your home.

With preventative treatments, our technicians can eliminate moisture problems and take steps to prevent future moisture damage. Safeguard your home with proactive moisture control today! We proudly offer our moisture control services in:

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