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Mosquito Control in Hampton Roads

One of the perks of owning a home is sharing your backyard with family and friends during the warm summer months. If mosquitoes are keeping you from dusting off the grill or enjoying a sunset on your back porch, it’s time for an effective solution!

Our mosquito control service is designed to do two things quickly: eliminate adult mosquitoes and stop the maturity of their larvae. With our effective mosquito control solutions, you can stop the itch before it starts!

Mosquito Control in Virginia

Mosquitoes swarming in hampton roads yard

Mosquitoes are a pain when it comes to their itchy bites, but they can also carry diseases that are harmful to your family and pets. Our team of professional mosquito exterminators keeps mosquitoes away from your home, providing an extra layer of protection from mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika virus, West Nile virus, Yellow Fever and more.

With comprehensive mosquito control service from Getem Services, you will be protected when mosquitoes are most active. Our applications take place every three weeks, April through October.

Our mosquito control services in Hampton Roads include:

  • Pre-treatment inspections to identify and eliminate breeding areas
  • Targeted treatment of high-risk areas to control larvae at the source
  • Highly tested, effective solutions that are safe for your family and pets
  • EPA approved and Pollinator-friendly products

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Special Event One-Time Mosquito Treatments

If you’re worried about mosquitoes crashing your next BBQ, family corn hole tournament, or backyard pool party, give Getem Services a call.We also offer one-time mosquito treatment options with immediate results, killing pests on contact and disrupting their breeding cycles. With our help, you can be sure the buzz at your party won’t be about mosquito bites!

Protect Your Property All Summer Long

Mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time, meaning a small invasion can become a very big problem, very quickly. Bug sprays, citronella candles, and bug zappers can provide short-term relief, but do nothing to stop mosquitoes from continuing to multiply on your property. Our Hampton Roads mosquito exterminators proudly offers our mosquito control treatments throughout eastern Virginia, including:

mosquito bite in hampton roads

If you’re ready for an effective solution to keep your backyard mosquito-free all season long, you can rely on professional mosquito control treatments from Getem Services.

Stop the bites before they start!

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