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Don’t Let Rodents Infest Your Home!

A rodent sighting in your house is unpleasant, to say the least. Rodents in your home can spread bacteria and disease, contaminate food and cause allergic reactions. If you’ve spotted droppings in your cupboards, basement or attic, or heard mice scurrying in your ceiling, floorboards, or walls -- it’s time to evict them with the help of your local exterminator!

Our Hampton Roads rodent control services are designed to eliminate rodents in your home quickly, efficiently, and in the safest manner possible.

Rodent Control in Virginia

Rodent eating crumbs off floor

Rats and mice can enter your home through spaces smaller than the width of a quarter, taking advantage of holes and gaps in the walls of your home. Once inside, rodents have a reputation for multiplying quickly. You need a team that can stop an infestation before it gets out of hand.

Our rodent control program starts with a free inspection to help you determine a multi-step solution to eliminate a stubborn infestation. Our highly-trained rodent exterminators identify entry points in your home like vents, crawl space doors, and holes or gaps in the walls of your home.

Professional Treatments With Long-Term Solutions

If you’ve been startled by a surprise encounter with rats or mice in your home, you don’t want to waste time and money on treatments that won’t work. You need professional help from a team that will take care of your rodent infestation on the first try.

Getem Service’s mice and rat control professionals can tackle even the toughest of rodent removal situations. Our technicians use traps and bait boxes to capture and eliminate rats and mice inside your home. Our advanced exclusion methods seal entry points to your home, giving you long-term protection against future infestations. We proudly offer our rodent extermination services throughout eastern Virginia, including:

If you need a guaranteed solution to get rid of rats and mice in your home in Hampton Roads, look no further. You shouldn't have to share your home with rodents – and with our help, you won't have to!

Keep rats and mice where they belong – outside your home!

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