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A rodent sighting in your house is unpleasant, to say the least, as they can spread bacteria and disease, contaminate food, and cause allergic reactions. There are many dangers of having rodents in your home! If you’ve spotted droppings in your cupboards, basement, or attic, or heard mice scurrying in your ceiling, floorboards, or walls—it’s time to evict them with the help of our experienced team of rat exterminators!

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Rodent Control in Virginia

Rodent eating crumbs off floor - rodent control in Virginia

Rats and mice can enter your home through spaces smaller than the width of a quarter, taking advantage of holes and gaps in the walls of your home. Once inside, these pests breed and multiply quickly. You need a team that can stop an infestation before it gets out of hand. That's why our rodent control program includes:

  • A comprehensive inspection by one of our highly-trained rodent exterminators to help you determine the size, nature, and location of the infestation.
  • A customized, multi-step solution that uses a combination of removal methods to get rid of any rodents within your home.
  • Exclusion repairs to seal off any entry points that mice and rats may have been using, such as vents, pipes, crawl space doors, and holes or gaps in the walls of your home.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you continue to see rodents in your home, we will come back and re-treat for free!

Rodent Removal Without Toxic Chemicals

Your family's safety is our number one concern—that's why our rodent removal treatments do not use any toxic chemicals or materials that could endanger your family or pets. Instead, we use a variety of rodent removal techniques including trapping and baiting to successfully remove rodents from your home!

Effective Servicing for Fast and Lasting Relief

You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable in your home any longer than necessary—that's why we offer our treatments as soon as possible! After the rats and mice have been removed from your home, we ensure that they don't come back by working closely with you to seal off entrances and prevent future infestations.

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Common Signs of a Rat or Mouse Infestation

There are many indicators that can help you recognize a rodent infestation immediately:

  • Rodent droppings or urine, especially around food packages, in drawers or cupboards, and under the sink.
  • Indication of chewing and knawing on food packaging.
  • Holes chewed through walls or along floorboards.
  • Musky odor coming from hidden areas or inside walls.
  • Materials that can be used for nesting, such as shredded paper, fabric, cardboard, etc. 
  • Chew marks on wood, cardboard, and other materials.
  • Allergic reactions, as rat fur and droppings are common allergens.
  • Seeing actual mice or rats in your home, often scurrying along the perimeter of rooms.

If you have noticed any of these signs or need help trying to identify an infestation, please feel free to contact our team of local, experienced rat exterminators.

Why Are Rodent Infestations Dangerous?

Aside from making you uncomfortable in your own home, mice and rats can actually endanger the health and wellbeing of your family by transmitting bacteria, contaminating food sources, biting and scratching, causing property damage, and even electrical fires.

  • Transmitting Bacteria: Rats and mice are known to carry many dangerous diseases such as Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, Salmonella, Rat-Bite Fever, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV), and Tularemia. These diseases can be spread through exposure, ingestion, inhalation, or handling of infected rodent feces, urine, saliva, and nesting material.
  • Contaminating Food Sources: While living in your home, mice, and rats often turn to your pantry as a food source. While chewing through packaging and eating the contents, their saliva can contaminate your food. 
  • Biting and Scratching: If corned, rodents are known to bite and scratch to defend themselves. Not only can this be painful, but it is another way for dangerous bacteria to get into your bloodstream.
  • Property Damage: Aside from searching your home for nesting material, rodents chew on plastic, cloth, wood, paper, insulation, as well as wiring! Not only can this cause damage to your home, but exposed electrical wires cause countless fires annually across the US! 

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our rodent control program and how we can keep your loved ones safe!

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If you need a guaranteed solution to get rid of rats and mice in your home in Virginia, look no further. You shouldn't have to share your home with rodents – and with our help, you won't have to!

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