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Bed Bugs

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What do bed bugs look like?

Adult bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L.) are about the size of an apple seed and have flat, oval-shaped bodies that are brown in color. After feeding, however, they are not nearly as flat, and their coloring shifts to a more reddish-brown hue.

Bed bug nymphs are smaller than adults and are nearly invisible to the naked eye because of their size and their almost translucent coloring. Bed bug eggs are even tinier than nymphs, about the size of a pinhead in fact. They are pearl-white in color. 

adult bed bugs, nymphs, bed bug eggs, and feces on mattress

When are Bed Bugs most active?

Very Active
Not Active

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Although bed bugs bite and feed on the blood of people and warm-blooded animals, they do not spread disease or cause illness. Their bites can cause redness and itching and that can lead to skin irritation that requires attention/treatment.

Unfortunately, bed bug infestations can cause stress and anxiety and adversely affect their victims’ emotional and psychological well-being.

How can I tell if I have a bed bug problem?

Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal pests so you won’t likely seem them crawling about during the day. During the night they will come out of their hiding spots, which include bed frames, mattress seams, wood and upholstered furniture. If you suspect a bed bug problem, inspect your bed and the area around it for adult bed bugs, shed skin, blood stains, and rust-colored or black feces 

Another clear indication of bed bug activity is finding bed bug bites in a cluster or pattern on exposed skin upon waking up.

What attracts bed bugs?

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and do not have a preference for those with poor hygiene. They are attracted to humans, blood, and the carbon dioxide we emit.

Bed bugs are opportunistic pests that will hitchhike their way into homes and businesses and then stick around if they find a suitable host to feed on.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

In order to get rid of bed bugs completely, property owners should contact a pest control company that specializes in bed bug control. While there are plenty of DIY treatments on the market, if not used properly, they will not solve the problem and may cause bed bugs to spread to other parts of the home or even neighboring units. At Getem Services, we offer bed bug control services that exterminate these biting pests using multiple treatment strategies. If you’ve woken up with bed bug bites, have received a complaint from a tenant, or simply have reason to believe you have a bed bug infestation, reach out today!

How can I prevent a bed bug infestation?

The best way to prevent bed bugs is to remain vigilant when traveling, inspect hotel rooms, check luggage after you arrive home, and wash all your clothes in the hottest temperature possible.

It is also best that you do not buy or bring home second-hand furniture, especially mattresses and box springs. If that’s not an option, inspect all used furniture and even clothing and other used items you introduce into your home before crossing the threshold.

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