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roof rat crawling in the rafters

Roof Rats

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What do roof rats look like?

Also called known as black rats or ship rats, roof rats (Rattus rattus) are approximately thirteen inches in length from the tip of their pointy noses to the end of their tails. They have slender bodies that are covered in smooth, sleek dark brown or black fur. They’re also in possession of beady eyes. 

roof rat hiding in attic of a virginia home

When are Roof Rats most active?

Very Active
Not Active

Are roof rats dangerous?

Yes, roof rats are dangerous. These rodents can transmit salmonellosis via their droppings, rat-bite fever, and other serious illness/disease. They are also known to contaminate food, cause structural damage to homes and buildings by gnawing on electrical wires, insulation, and wood, and also damage personal belongings and other property. Roof rats may also introduce fleas and ticks.

How can I tell if I have a roof rat problem?

There are a few signs that you may have a roof rat problem, including:

  • Seeing live rats or dead rats on your property, typically in upper levels of homes and buildings
  • Finding rat droppings, which are small, dark, and shaped like a rice grain
  • Gnaw marks on wood, electrical wires, and other objects
  • Hearing scratching or gnawing noises in the walls, attic, or roof
  • Finding signs of nesting materials, such as shredded paper or fabric

What attracts roof rats?

Roof rats are attracted to areas where they can find food, water, and shelter. Common attractants include:

  • Cluttered yards or outdoor areas with unsecured trash or food waste
  • Standing water or leaky pipes that provide a water source
  • Overgrown vegetation and lush landscapes that provides shelter and a place to nest
  • Fruit trees
  • Open containers of pet food or birdseed
  • Dog feces 

How do I get rid of roof rats?

For the best rodent control services in Hampton Roads, contact Getem Services today. Our locally owned and family-operated pest control company has been exterminating rats since 1922 and is ready to help Virginia property owners eliminate rodents from their homes and businesses.

How can I prevent a roof rat infestation?

Preventing a roof rat infestation requires eliminating the factors that attract them to your property. Here are some tips for preventing roof rats:

  • Keep your yard clean and free of clutter, including trimming overgrown vegetation and removing any standing water or leaky pipes
  • Store all food, including pet food and birdseed, in airtight containers
  • Seal all cracks and holes in your home's exterior to prevent rats from entering your home
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter, including regularly vacuuming and cleaning areas where food is prepared or stored
  • Clean up pet waste in your yard regularly
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