Protect Your Home From Summer Pests
Mar 28, 2022
Family enjoying time pest-free

Summertime is a busy month for families everywhere. We’re on the go. We’re taking vacations, though maybe a little bit closer to home this year. We’re outdoors more and trying to squeeze in a little more time before “back to school” arrives.

As we’re outside more, pests are looking for a way in your home or business. They like to be comfortable just like we do, and on a sizzling summer day, they’re looking for someplace cool to nest, eat, and multiply.

That’s why it’s important to take pest prevention seriously. No one wants to share their home with rodents or insects. At Getem, we offer a variety of pest control programs depending on your property and your needs. Whether you’re already battling a pest problem or you’re just looking to protect your home against future issues, we have the right treatment plan for you!


Mosquitoes are some of the most frequent bugs we will see in our yard over the summer months.

  • Keeping the outside of your home free of standing water will keep mosquitoes from breeding regularly.
  • Check flower pots, garbage bins, and other outdoor areas that gather water on a regular basis.
  • Cleaning up areas of yard waste or fallen leaves deprives mosquitoes of places to escape the heat of the day and will force them to look elsewhere.


Your home’s foundation, siding, and even your eaves and roofline can provide access for mice and rats to enter. Did you know that mice can enter through a hole the size of your pinky and rats can enter your home through a hole that would fit your thumb? These are the furry friends we do not want in our homes—they can spread bacteria and diseases!


To top it all off, it’s about to be termite swarming season. At the end of spring, the termites are ready to come out from hiding away during those chilly winter months. In one colony, there can be over a million termites. There can be multiple colonies in your yard, and you have no idea. Termites cause up to $2 billion every single year. Annual termite inspections and warranties are the best and most efficient way to protect your home and head off termite problems.

Call the Professionals

We’re happy to provide a full inspection of your home or business so that together, we can keep your surroundings free of mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and more. This year, Getem Services will celebrate 100 years as a local, family-owned business. We know the neighborhoods. We are your neighbors. We know how the area can be a haven for certain pests. So let us help you get’em.

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