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Roof Rat Activity On The Rise

a brown rat in a home

Winter is on its way, and while you may not see rats yet, you can be sure that when it gets cold, they’ll want to be inside your home. Roof rats have become the predominant species of rats in Southside Hampton Roads. They’re more aggressive than norway rats, and they’ll exploit any small opening in the exterior of your home in order to get inside.

That bump in the night? That’s likely roof rats. They look to nest in your attic and once inside your home, they can be tough to get rid of.

Once they get inside your home they’re more than just a nuisance. They can also be a fire hazard. Roof rats like to chew on electrical wiring and that can short out a circuit and start a fire. Urine and fecal matter in their nesting areas can create breathing problems for asthmatics. Rat poison may kill them, but then you’ll have to search for carcasses and you’ll risk disease by handling the corpses.

Here’s what the National Pest Management Assocation has to say about Roof Rats and disease:

Roof rats secured their place in history by spreading the highly dangerous bubonic plague. Though transmission is rare today, there are still a handful of cases in the U.S. each year. Roof rats can also carry fleas and spread diseases such as typhus, jaundice, rat-bite fever, trichinosis and salmonellosis.

At Getem Services, we trap rats in your home, remove them and find their entry points so that your rat problem is over as quickly as possible. If you have concerns about rats or other pests in your home or business, give Getem Services a call at (757) 489-8610. Check out the report from WVEC-TV below and their interview of Getem Services owner Charlie Church.

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