What is Commercial Pest Control And Do I Need It?
Jul 27, 2022
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Pests aren’t picky about where they choose to invade. As long as the conditions are right for their needs, they’ll take whatever space they can sneak in to safely make themselves at home, whether it's a residential area or a business property.

But pests at your business are a costly liability. They can damage inventory or compromise a building’s structural integrity, leading to even bigger expenses down the road. And obviously, the presence of pests can put employees on edge. Since all these disadvantages can create even bigger business problems, it's important to invest in commercial pest control.

What is Commercial Pest Control?

Commercial pest control is pest management for businesses. It’s an important part of maintaining a clean, safe workspace that not only helps maintain health and safety regulations but makes workers and customers feel secure and welcomed.

Commercial vs Residential Pest Control

The ultimate goal of any pest control strategy is to remove unwanted pests and keep them away. However, commercial pest control is a much different experience than calling an exterminator to your home.

  • Quicker Service: It’s easier to relocate residents than an entire business. Commercial pest control often involves quicker service so that there are few interruptions to business as usual.
  • Types of Service: Household pest situations tend to be very similar. However, businesses come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes that all need customized pest management plans. For example, pest control in a medical office setting would be drastically different from a restaurant.
  • Price Tag: Businesses usually have a larger surface area to cover than a home, and may also require more preventative measures for common pests like roaches that like to sneak into shipping containers. Thus, commercial pest control can be more expensive, though it depends on the treatments.

5 Benefits of Commercial Pest Control

There are 5 main benefits when it comes to commercial pest control services:

1. Protection from Damage

There’s no work interruption quite like finding wires chewed through by a rodent, or ants sneaking in at lunchtime through your office window. Pests are not only distracting but can cause damage to your building and your inventory, especially if there happens to be a lot of paper or wood. Regular visits from experienced exterminators keep unwelcome visitors at bay.

2. A Satisfied Team

The last thing anyone needs on a busy workday is to find unexpected pests around the corner. Pest problems bring down morale, and if they aren’t addressed properly, will create a long-term problem that gives employees a reason not to stick around. Commercial exterminators keep employees and customers satisfied with a clean, pest-free workplace.

3. A Clean Reputation

If you’re a business that relies on word-of-mouth and good reviews, commercial pest control is of utmost importance. A pest sighting is often enough to keep customers from returning ever again. Fortunately, with a commercial pest control strategy in place, you can be sure that your reputation and your business stay clean.

4. Health & Safety

Every business has to follow certain health and safety recommendations. Businesses such as healthcare, retail, and childcare have even more responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Commercial pest control and regular inspections help businesses meet these expectations and prevent future problems. 

5. Long-Term Savings

Losing inventory, customers, working time, or even employees due to a pest problem can have a cascading effect on business costs. Regular commercial pest control visits cut down on the possibility of interruptions that would otherwise affect your bottom line

FAQ About Commercial Pest Control

Any business investment comes with a lot of questions, and pest control is no different.

Do I Need Commercial Pest Control?

As a business owner, you have enough responsibilities on your plate besides addressing a pest invasion. You can count on commercial pest control to catch pest problems before they become a bigger business problem and save yourself stress.

Is Commercial Pest Control Safe?

Since a healthy workplace is essential, most pest companies offer safe methods and chemicals. However, those should always be in the hands of pest experts who know how to use and dispose of them properly. Check with your local commercial pest control company to be sure.

What Does Commercial Pest Control Include?

Commercial pest control services are highly customized to the business at hand. There should always be a thorough evaluation for any existing problems, as well as a proactive strategy to keep pests from coming back. You should expect a plan that includes pest monitoring, pest inspections, and pest treatment, both indoors and outdoors.

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