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WSJ: Top Ten Cities for Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal published the listing of the top ten cities for bed bug infestation. Be glad Norfolk is NOT on the list! Unfortunately, travel anywhere and exposure to any environment with bed bugs, including hospitals, libraries, hotels, movie theaters, and so forth, could lead you to bring bed bugs home. Once they’re in your home, you’ll need a professional treatment.

Here’s the list:

  1. Chicago
  2. Detroit
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Denver
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Columbus, Ohio
  7. Washington, D.C.
  8. Cleveland/Akron/Canton
  9. Dallas/Fort Worth
  10. New York City

If you travel to any of these cities, you need to be especially wary of bed bugs. When you travel, inspect your luggage for bed bugs before you leave your travel destination and once you return home. Before you place your luggage in a hotel room, inspect the bedding, carpets, furniture, draperies, and even wall hangings for bed bugs. They’ll look like the picture on this page.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. They most often bite in the early morning hours, when you’re in your deepest sleep. You won’t know you’ve been bitten, until you wake up in the morning with irritated bite marks on your body. Your best bet is to inspect before you settle in. You don’t want any unwanted guests sleeping with you, and you certainly don’t want to bring them home with you.

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