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Hornets In Virginia

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Like yellow jackets and paper wasps, hornets in Virginia can make people uneasy. They are large, stinging insects that commonly build nests on the sides of Virginia homes. If they put you on edge, we hope to help calm your nerves a bit today. Join us as we break down a few important facts about these common pests--facts that will help you better understand the threat they pose and the reasons they invade properties in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and throughout Virginia. If you need immediate assistance with a hornet problem, contact Getem Services for expert assistance. We’ll be happy to help you deal with any stinging insects that are causing trouble.

baldfaced hornets coming and going from nest

Are hornets wasps?

Hornets are oddly named. By their biology, all hornets are wasps. In fact, they fall within the same family as yellow jackets. Many people see hornets and wasps as two different kinds of insects, which creates confusion when dealing with hornets.

Bald-faced hornets in Virginia

The most common hornet in Virginia is the bald-faced hornet. This insect has a large black body with white markings. Bald-faced hornets create large, aerial nests that look like gray eggs. They grow their nests during the spring, summer, and early fall months, and the nests can host anywhere from a few hornets to a few hundred hornets. Like yellow jackets, hornets construct their nests out of chewed-up wood fibers. They gather wood fibers from nearby trees, bark, and sticks.

Where do hornets build nests?

Bald-faced hornets are very similar to yellow jackets in the way they build their nests. These larger wasps do not, however, build their nests underground like their smaller cousins, which is good news, as underground nests are difficult to detect.

Early hornet nests are small, sometimes only a few inches long. Built-in chambers are open to the elements, and queens use them to lay their first eggs. As nests grow, hornets create an exterior shell that protects them from potential attacks.

You are most likely to find a hornet's nest hanging from trees or large bushes, at least three feet off the ground. You may also find nests under the eaves of homes and buildings. Do not try to knock a nest down on your own unless it is smaller than a golf ball. If you find a nest that is enclosed, seek professional help. Hornets are quick to sting anyone who gets too close to their home, and they can sting multiple times.

Hornets aren’t the most aggressive stinging insect, but…

If you encounter a hornet flying around in your yard, your chances of getting stung are extremely low. The further these insects are from their nests, the less likely they are to sting. If you trap a hornet inside your hands or accidentally sit on one, there’s a very good chance you’ll be stung.

Another quick way to get stung involves wandering too close to an active nest. Hornets are most aggressive when defending their nests. Nests built near walkways, doors, or other "high traffic" areas should be dealt with right away to reduce the threat of aggression.

The best way to avoid hornet stings is to hire a local pest control company to handle them. Here at Getem Services, our licensed pest control specialists are fully trained and have all the tools necessary to deal with hornets and other stinging insects on your property.

How to eliminate hornets

Proactive hornet control is the best kind. At Getem Services, we don't wait for these pests to become a problem. If you’ve noticed hornets on your property, contact us today to learn more about our one-time hornet treatment. If you’re not sure what type of stinging insect is causing problems, we can help with that, too!

What’s more, when homeowners sign up for our company’s home pest control services, we come out every quarter to:

  • Knockdown wasp nests & remove spider webs (up to one story).
  • Apply an exterior pest treatment around the perimeter of the structure.
  • Check and replenish rodent bait stations, if necessary.
  • Treat the interior of the home if a pest problem has developed.

Although our residential plan does not cover hornets or yellow jackets/ground bees, it does include treatment for paper wasps and mud daubers that nest on houses if they can be reached with our equipment.

Don’t risk your health, contact Getem if you discover hornets

Do not risk your health trying to knock down a nest on your own. Allow the experienced Hampton Roads pest control pros at Getem Services to address all your pest control needs. We will treat your property as if it were our own and make sure you have access to high-quality and long-lasting pest control treatments.

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I would definitely use Getem again and recommend their services.
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