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How To Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed bug preparation list for Getem Customers

In order to ensure that the Getem Services team is successful in eliminating bed bugs from your home or business, your cooperation is necessary. Please follow the instructions below very carefully and make sure you complete all preparations listed. If you have any questions about preparing for your bed bug treatment, please reach out right away!

clothes in garbage bag that have been exposed to bed bug


  • Bag all clothing, bed linens, and curtains as well as other fabric items. Seal these items in large garbage bags and tie with string or tape.
  • Bag all shoes, belts, purses, etc. Seal garbage bag(s) and tie with string or tape.


  • Bag any blankets, drapes, curtains, and other cloth or fabric covered items. Seal in large garbage bags with tape or tie with string.


  • Remove all food items from counters.


  • Bag everything in the bathroom and place it in the tub or shower. In a separate bag, place towels and linens to be laundered.

Other Areas

  • Please let your bed bug control specialist know if there are any other areas, such as the garage or attic that needs to be treated.


  • Wash all plastic toys in hot, soapy water and then bag. Dry stuffed animals on high heat.


  • Remove all pets, pet toys, and pet food and water bowls. Cover fish tanks with a towel and turn off the filter.


  • Your bed bug control specialist will inspect and evaluate electronics for signs of bed bugs and determine if the course of treatment if bed bugs are found.


  • Please allow your bed bug control specialist to inspect the upholstery if needed.


  • For best results, all cloth items should be placed in the dryer and set to the highest heat possible. Most dryers heat up to 130 °F. Bed bugs may survive being submerged in water regardless of the temperature.
  • Dispose of the garbage bag(s) you used to store clothing and fabrics outside.

Additional notes

  • Do not remove mattresses or other furniture. Failure to follow this request may result in spreading bed bugs and their eggs to other parts of your home or business. Your specialist will remove and dispose of any existing encasements or plastic liners on the bed and box spring.
  • Please let your specialist now if you have any respiratory problems or other health issues.
  • Once we have begun treatment, it is important that all people and pets stay out of the residence or treated rooms until four hours after the service has been completed.
  • If we arrive to treat and you have not completed all the preparations listed above, you may either pay the $300 rescheduling fee or you may opt to go ahead with the treatment. Improper preparation is one of the major causes of treatment failure. There will be a charge for further treatments required if the treatment fails.
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