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Fact or Fiction: Old Wives’ Tales on How to Get Rid of Pests

ants in the kitchen

Over the years, you’ve probably heard a lot of old wives’ tales that tell you how to get rid of pests in your home. While these tales may be seemingly simple and helpful, unfortunately, most of them won’t help with pest control at all. Whether you’ve grown up hearing several of these “how-tos” or are encountering these sayings for the first time, we’ve compiled a list of common old wives’ tales and the truth behind them. Read on to find out which are fact and which are fiction!

Sprinkle Grits On Your Counter To Keep Ants Away...

FICTION. This myth may sound like it was created by your great aunt who liked grits and thought it could be a good remedy for an ant infestation. In reality, grits will not get rid of ants in your home. Instead, spreading grits on your kitchen counter will invite more ants inside your home, which you certainly don’t want!

Place Cheese In Traps To Get Rid Of Mice...

FICTION. You’ve maybe seen this done on TV or by one of your family members, but placing cheese as bait in a mousetrap is not an effective form of rodent control. Mice are sneaky and relatively good observers that quickly figure out your attempts to lure them. Luckily, Getem Services offers rodent control to get rid of mice in your home quickly and effectively! 

Use Bay Leaves In Your Kitchen To Repel Pests...

FACT. It’s true! Several types of household pests do not like bay leaves. Cooking with bay leaves and storing them around your kitchen is a temporary way to keep pests away from your kitchen. Remember: bay leaves are not a substitute for proper, long-term pest control, and you should still clean your dishes and kitchen thoroughly after every meal.

Put A Penny In A Bag Of Water To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes And Flies...

FICTION. The origin of this old wives’ tale, like many, is nearly impossible to trace, but there’s one thing we know for sure: putting a penny in a bag of water does not get rid of mosquitoes and flies in your home. In fact, standing water will attract more mosquitoes and flies, leading to an even larger infestation than before. 

Use Vinegar To Reduce Fruit Flies In Your Home...

FACT. Fruit flies may be attracted to decaying fruits and foods, but you can temporarily control the fruit fly population in your home by leaving out a cup of vinegar covered in plastic wrap with small holes in it. This will trap fruit flies and get rid of fruit flies currently infesting your home. However, a vinegar trap b eliminate all fruit flies from your home.

Spray Peppermint Oil On Spiderwebs To Get Rid Of Spiders...

FICTION. Spiders dislike being disturbed. If you spray peppermint oil or any other liquid solution on a spiderweb, the spider will grow annoyed, abandon the web, and create a new one nearby, but they won’t leave permanently!

What Will Actually Work To Remove Pests...

While DIY methods may help you reduce the number of pests in your home, these solutions are not sustainable or long-term. Signing up for comprehensive, recurring pest control with a professional pest control company is the key to getting the pest-free home you deserve. At Getem Services, we provide the best pest control in Virginia for your satisfaction guaranteed!

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