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Preventing mosquitoes around the house

Prevent mosquitoes around the house

No one wants mosquitoes around. When it comes to keeping your home or business free of mosquitoes, we can treat your property regularly, but there’s a lot you can do to keep the mosquito population down.

Here’s a great infographic from the National Pest Management Association that will show you how. Essentially, you don’t want any standing water - that creates a mosquito haven.  

Here’s the 10-step list to keep mosquitoes away:

  1. Maintain your gutters. Remove leaves and other debris that could hold water in place. Check to make sure that water flows properly from the gutter to the downspout.
  2. Check your flowerpots. Pour out any stagnant water on a frequent basis.
  3. Check your grill cover. Make sure water isn’t gathering in the top, or in your grill cover if you’ve left it off of the grill.
  4. If you have a baby pool, don’t let water sit. Use the pool and dump it out after using.
  5. Check your bird bath. Frequently change the water to keep it fresh.
  6. Check for leaky pipes. Make repairs as needed.
  7. Remove old tires and put a hole in the bottom of any tire swings. Wheel barrels can also accumulate water if left outside.
  8. Make sure trash cans left outdoors have tightly sealed lids.
  9. Remove water collecting in buckets and other items left outside.
  10. If you have a pool or pond, make sure that the water is properly treated.

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