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How To Avoid Yellow Jacket Stings This Summer
July 9, 2023

How To Avoid Yellow Jacket Stings This Summer

If you’ve ever mowed over a yellow jacket nest in the ground, you likely know what we mean when we say it ticks these stinging insects off. Because they are easily provoked and quite aggressive, dealing with yellow jackets nesting in the ground can be quite challenging, especially while you’re mowing or spending time in your yard. In order to protect against stinging encounters with yellow jackets this summer, our local pest control pros have put together a few tips. Read on to find out how you can minimize the chances of making yellow jackets mad and avoiding them altogether.

keep a lookout for yellow jacket nests when cutting the grass this summer

How to avoid yellow jackets (and their stings) this summer

  • Take a look around for potential nesting sites
    To locate yellow jacket nests or potential nesting sites in your yard, look for rodent burrows and other small holes in the ground. If there’s already a nest occupying that space, there’s a good chance you’ll see yellow jackets buzzing in and out. You should also keep an eye out for yellow jacket nests in trees, on buildings, and other areas above ground.
  • Plan your activities when yellow jackets are less likely to be active
    Try to schedule your yard work or outdoor activities during periods when yellow jackets are less active, such as early morning or late evening. Yellow jackets are generally more active during the day.
  • Wear protective clothing
    When cutting the grass or working in the yard, wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and gloves. Tuck your pants into your socks or boots to prevent yellow jackets from crawling up your legs.
  • Keep food and drinks covered
    Although there are plenty of natural food sources available during early summer (as opposed to late summer and early fall), it’s still a good idea to keep food and drink covered when eating outside. Since contents of garbage cans are also considered food to insects, be sure to keep a tight-fitting lid on outdoor trash cans when not in use.
  • Eliminate other attractants
    Besides keeping food and drinks covered and garbage contained, it’s a good idea to clean up any fallen fruit, wipe up grease and food debris in and around the grill, pick up yard debris, and eliminate standing water.
  • Seal up your home
    To prevent yellow jackets from building a nest inside your home, you should seal or repair every crack, gap, or hole in your foundation, siding, roof, and around utility entrances as well as any other openings on the exterior of your house.

Stay calm if you inadvertently encounter yellow jackets

First things first, stay calm and move slowly. As we touched on above, yellow jackets can be aggressive, especially if threatened. When near these pests, maintain your composure and move away slowly and deliberately. Quick movements and swatting can set them off and increase your chances of being stung.

Remember, yellow jackets can be dangerous

Capable of stinging multiple times, yellow jacket have the potential to be quite dangerous, and if you have an allergy to their stings, it's crucial to take extra precautions.

What to do if you find a yellow jacket nest in your yard

If you uncover a yellow jacket nest in your yard or worse, inside your home, the best thing to do is call an exterminator that specializes in yellow jacket removal.

At Getem Services, we offer pest control services in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach as well as throughout Hampton Roads that are designed to eliminate pests that threaten people and property. Don’t wait for yellow jackets to sting, give us a call today to find out who we can help you solve your stinging insect problem!


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