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Why Is Termite Control Important?
March 3, 2024

Why Is Termite Control Important?

Out of sight, out of mind. That is the primary issue with termites. That is why the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) instituted Termite Awareness Week in the spring of 2011. Each year, pest management companies across the country try to educate property owners and, for a short time, place termites clearly in view. When termites aren't an afterthought, there is a better chance of guarding against damage. How much termite damage? Jim Fredericks, Executive Director of PPMA, points out that "When adjusted for inflation, the estimated annual cost of termite damage in the U.S. is approximately $6.8 billion." That is why termite control is so important. In recognition of Termite Awareness Week, our local pest control company has some information and tips to share that will help you guard your Hampton Roads property and prevent termite damage.

termites swarming by foundation

What termite activity looks like and where to look for it.

One of the most important ways you can guard your property is to know what termite activity looks like and where to look for this activity on your property.

Worker termites are ⅛ of an inch long, pale colored, and look like fat ants. If you pick up something in your yard and might see white "ants" crawling in the soil, take a closer look.

Since subterranean termites risk drying out when exposed to sun and air for too long, they create and travel inside mud tunnels or tubes that extend out of the ground and across foundations and wood installations. Inside structures, you might find mud tubes in the crawl space, inside walls, and behind baseboards, to name a few places.

Winged termites, also known as swarmers or alates, emerge from nests in the spring to find mates and start new colonies. They are ⅜ of an inch long and have white wings that hang past their abdomens. After swarmers find mates, they shed their wings. You may see these equally sized white wings near your home or, worse, inside it. Check spider webs as well. Those sticky webs do a great job of capturing wings. You might even find a whole termite swarmer.

Mud tubes and winged termites aren't the only indications of an infestation; learn more about the signs of termites

Unfortunately, termites often avoid detection because they live and travel below the soil and through mud tubes. What’s more, they consume wood from the inside out, leaving only a thin outer layer intact and termite damage hidden from view. Nicknamed the silent destroyers, termites can actively infest a home for months or even years before there’s any noticeable evidence.

How to deter termites

Since the termite pressure is quite high in Virginia, there’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with these wood-destroying insects on your property eventually if you haven’t already. That said, you can take steps to make your property less appealing to termites.

  • Haul away tree branches, stumps, and rotting or dead wood on your property.
  • Remove leaf litter and other organic debris from your yard.
  • Store firewood on an elevated platform well away from your home.
  • Clean your gutters and make sure downspouts divert water away from the foundation.
  • Address wood-to-soil contact by maintaining an 18-inch gap between soil and any wood portions of your home.
  • Replace water-damaged wood and rotting shingles.
  • Replace loose mortar around the foundation and windows.
  • Repair leaking faucets, pipes, and other plumbing problems.
  • Eliminate moisture in your crawl space and elsewhere in your home or on your property.

While the tips above will help deter termites, for the best protection against these destructive pests, you'll need a professional termite control solution.

How Getem Services exterminates termites and keeps them away

If you reside in Norfolk, Chesapeake, or elsewhere in our Hampton Roads service area, get in touch with Getem Services for the best termite treatments available. We use Termidor®, which is the most trusted professional-grade termite control solution. When termites pass through the treated soil, they pick up the active ingredient and share it with other termites during grooming and even the queen of the colony. The result of exposure is complete colony elimination. While it sounds simple enough, installation and maintenance of a liquid termite control barrier is a job for specialists.

Whether you’re looking for termite control for your home or building or you’d like a termite pre-treatment for a new construction, we are here to assist you. What’s more, we also offer WDI inspections if you're looking to buy or sell a property.

It is easy to get connected. Call or text for information, or complete the form below. We're your local area termite control experts, and we’re ready to help!

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