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Why Do Mosquitoes Like Biting Me So Much?
May 16, 2024

Why Do Mosquitoes Like Biting Me So Much?

When you're at a party, it is nice to get attention from others. It is not so nice to get attention from mosquitoes. If you're the "life of the party" with mosquitoes, you may wonder why. That is what we're going to look at today. Join us as we discuss mosquito attractants and what you can do to avoid bites while you're enjoying some time outdoors with friends. As always, we're here if you need us. Contact your Getem Services team for mosquito control in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach as well as throughout our Hampton Roads service area

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Why do mosquitoes bite?

If you're trying to avoid mosquito bites, the first thing you need to understand is why mosquitoes bite. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to repel mosquitoes and keep them away? This is due to the behavior of female mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite because they need a blood meal to fertilize their eggs. Without the nutrients from a blood meal, they can't reproduce. That's a big deal to a female mosquito. This is a critical need for female mosquitoes, which explains why they are so persistent in seeking out a blood meal. So, when you’re dealing with a swarm of mosquitoes, keep in mind that they are simply trying to survive as a species. This also explains why it is challenging to prevent mosquito bites, regardless of who you are. But, when you're the only one bothered, it is likely that there are only a few mosquitoes.

Why are mosquitoes targeting you?

Female mosquitoes will bite humans and a variety of warm-blooded animals to get the blood meal they need. However, when there are many options available, they will prioritize their preferred targets. Here are a few factors that could attract mosquitoes to you:

Dark clothing

If you wear dark clothing, you may get more mosquito bites. Mosquitoes use contrasting light to lock on. That is why they often fly low to the ground. They use the light of the sky behind you to figure out where you are. Wear bright colors to throw them off.

Exposed skin

If you wear shorts, short sleeve or sleeveless tops, or lightweight clothing, you may get more bites because you'll provide more skin for mosquitoes to detect. They can feel the warmth and smell you. Cover up to reduce mosquito attraction.


If you smell nice to mosquitoes, you'll get more bites. Both male and female mosquitoes survive on nectar and plant sap (not blood). If you smell like a flower, they'll hover around you, and you're likely to get more bites. Another way you might smell nice to mosquitoes is that you may produce chemicals that attract them. These chemicals are emitted by your skin and sweat. Some people produce more of these chemicals than others. You might be one of them. There isn't much you can do about that.

Blood type

If you have type O blood, you're likely to get more bites. Researchers say there is a link between blood type and the mosquito-attracting chemicals produced by the body.


If you sweat more, mosquitoes will bother you more. But not for the reason you might think. You may think that it is the moisture that attracts them because they're drawn to moisture. But it is more about those chemicals we mentioned. When you sweat, you produce more of those mosquito-attracting chemicals.

Carbon dioxide

If you exhale more carbon dioxide than other people, you'll attract more mosquitoes. They can smell it from more than 30 feet away.

Some people are more prone to mosquito bites because they are producing attractants. A pregnant woman, for example, is likely to have a higher skin temperature, produce more carbon dioxide, and sweat more. If you're pregnant, we recommend that you avoid outdoor parties unless you're going somewhere that has mosquito control.

How Getem Services’ mosquito control works

Most mosquitoes will not travel more than a few hundred feet in their entire life. If all the mosquitoes on your property are eliminated, it takes time for more to wander into your yard. That is the foundation principle of our mosquito control. When you contact your Getem Services team, here's how we deal with those biting pests:

  • We inspect your yard to locate breeding sites and resting spots.
  • We treat the breeding sites to prevent mosquito eggs from hatching and developing into flying (and biting) adult mosquitoes.
  • We treat resting spots to knock down adult mosquitoes that are currently hiding on your property.

Hampton Roads property owners can choose to have mosquito control done once before an outdoor event or opt for seasonal treatments to reduce mosquito populations from March through the end of September. As we mentioned above, our goal is to prevent mosquito eggs from hatching into adult mosquitoes that can bite you in your yard and eliminate any mosquitoes present on the day of your treatment.

Don’t spend your summer covered in itchy mosquito bites or inside; contact Getem Services for assistance!

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