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Is Your Damp Crawl Space Attracting Insects & Rodents?
February 9, 2024

Is Your Damp Crawl Space Attracting Insects & Rodents?

Out of sight, out of mind. It is a common saying because it is often true. If something isn't in front of you, you'll probably not think about it. But you should definitely take a few minutes to think about your crawl space if you have one. You may not know this, but a crawl space is perfect for insects and rodents to live. Join us today as we look at a few common pests in Norfolk and throughout our Hampton Roads service area and some of the ways a damp crawl space can attract them. If you'd like to speak with someone directly, remember that your Getem Services team is always here to help.

damp crawl space attracting insects and rodents

Why insect and rodents love your crawl space

  • Many pests prefer the dark. They come out at night to feed and go into hiding during the day.
  • Some insects avoid the sun as it can dry them out.
  • Insects and rodents need moisture to drink and are attracted to damp environments where droplets of water are found.
  • Certain insects feed on other insects. They find them hiding in dark, damp places.
  • Certain insects prefer tight spaces because they are thigmotactic. That is a fancy word for "they like to be touching stuff."
  • Some insects prefer to nest in or feed on water-damaged or rotting wood.
  • Rodents really don’t want to engage with humans, so crawl spaces are an ideal hiding spot.
  • Crawl spaces are often easy to access and provide an entry point into other parts of the house.

Your crawl space shares many characteristics with the environment insects find in their natural habitat. It is dark, offers protection from the sun, and can contain food options. What’s more, moisture build-up can cause wood rot.  

So, your crawl space is an attractive place for pests to live, even if it isn't damp. But, when you add damp conditions, you give insects and rodents even more reasons to live underneath your home.

Pests you definitely don't want in your crawl space

Let's take a look at a few of the more common crawl space-infesting pests and consider some of the ways your crawl space can attract them.


These insects have a high moisture requirement and are often found hiding underneath rocks, wood, and other organic debris. They feed on other insects as well as fungi and algae. They are highly thigmotactic and are strongly attracted to clutter. If your crawl space is a damp, dark place with lots of food and tight spaces to hide, cockroaches will want to move in and reproduce.


Blind worker termites have a preference for darkness.  They also avoids dry conditions. Their skin is thin and prone to dehydration. If you give them damp or humid conditions, they can thrive under your home, creating mud tubes up piers and feeding on structural wood.

Carpenter Ants

These insects don't eat wood like termites do, but they are attracted to the decaying wood found in a damp crawl space. Carpenter ants tunnel inside wood to create places to establish their nests and prefer decaying wood because it is easier to tunnel through.


Rats and mice are always looking for places to hide. In a damp crawl space with moisture and food access, these rodents will find an environment to create a nest and produce offspring.

Your crawl space is already an inviting place for insects and rodents to live, but moisture issues make things worse. That is why moisture control is essential. You can manage moisture by keeping your gutters clean, making sure your property has proper drainage, fixing plumbing issues, etc. But, for complete control of moisture and humidity down under your home, crawl space encapsulation is the way to go.

What is crawl space encapsulation?

It is possible to install a vapor barrier in the space under your home. When properly sealed, you can control the humidity and dampness in that space. Doing this will help to keep insects and rodents out.

Would you like to keep pests from getting underneath your Hampton Roads home or finding their way into other parts of your home? Contact the Getem Services team for details about our moisture control and pest control services. You can also request a free quote by completing the form below.

You don't have to live with a damp crawl space or the pests it attracts; reach out today for help!  

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