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Every home can use a pest plan. Whether you're looking to keep nuisance pests out or protect your property and health from potentially harmful pests, a pest control plan can help you meet your goals. But what exactly is a pest control plan, and do you need year-round service? That's what we're going to look at today. We'll tell you a few of the common pests we deal with in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and throughout our Hampton Roads, Virginia, service area and why ongoing pest management is the best way to control them and other pests that infest homes.

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Common pests in Hampton Roads

It's helpful to focus on specific examples when dealing with pests that invade your property or home. To that end, let's consider some commonly encountered pests in our region, how they move from your yard to the interior of your home, and the methods for effectively controlling them.


Ants, such as odorous house ants and carpenter ants, are common pests that can be found in homes. They tend to climb around in trash cans and kitchen cabinets, among other places. Not only are they a nuisance, but some types of ants can also spread germs and contaminate food. To prevent ants from entering your home, the pest control experts at Getem use exterior pest treatments. If ants have already made their way indoors, we also provide indoor pest services.


In Virginia, we have two types of spiders – venomous and non-venomous. While some create unsightly webs, others are nocturnal hunters that can surprise you in unexpected places. At Getem Services, we specialize in getting rid of various types of spiders, including black widows and common house spiders. In fact, our effective pest treatments target both kinds of arachnids and the insects that attract them to homes in the first place.


American cockroaches and other cockroach species can be extremely unhygienic as they can spread diseases and aggravate allergies. Our team of pest control specialists treat homes year-round to eliminate existing cockroach infestations and prevent new roach activity.


Fleas are biting pests that can harm you and your pets by entering your home. We provide regular treatments around the exterior of your property to make it challenging for fleas to hide and wait for your pets to come near. By eliminating fleas from your yard, we can prevent them from getting into your home.


These small rodents can be a year-long nuisance and are particularly fond of living inside homes where there is an abundance of food sources and hiding spots. As they can cause damage and pose health risks, it is crucial to take measures to protect against mice. At Getem Services, we specialize in handling mice infestations using proven rodent control strategies.

Why home pest control is necessary year-round

We briefly discussed some of the prevalent pests in our area and the methods we use to keep them out of homes. Now, let's take a closer look at why it's best to apply these treatment methods consistently throughout the year, rather than just once.

  • It's important to remember that any liquid applied to the exterior of your property will eventually wear off over time. To maintain the barrier we created during our initial pest control service, we recommend quarterly pest control services. This will help ensure that your property remains protected against pests throughout the year.
  • Pests can be a problem at any time of the year, especially during periods of high pest pressure caused by outdoor conditions. Regular inspections and ongoing pest treatments can help prevent pest problems before they even begin.
  • Pests never stop, even during the winter months. As such, your pest control efforts must continue throughout the year to ensure your property remains protected against pest infestations.

Ongoing pest control is the best way to keep insects and rodents out of your home and offer your property. A year-round pest control service plan is also more cost-effective as it allows for bundling of pest treatments instead of expending money on each pest individually.

Home pest control services from Getem

At Getem Services, we provide efficient and reliable home pest control services throughout Hampton Roads. Whether you need help in getting rid of an existing pest problem or want to prevent them from invading your home, we are here to help. With over 100 years of experience and expertise, Virginia homeowners have been relying on us since 1922. If you want to keep your home free from nuisance and potentially harmful pests, you can count on us to deliver the best pest control solutions.

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I would definitely use Getem again and recommend their services.
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